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A Guide to Leasing Your Property

If you are looking to earn rental income from a second or third house, here is a rundown of what you should know before settling in the rent.


The land has consistently been a profitable investment option. Many people will invest in a second or third home in order to earn rental income. Here’s what you need to know about the risks associated with leasing your property.


Low rental yield

Rental lodging profits are not high. “In many urban neighborhoods, the yield is just 2-3 percent,” says  MD of Qubrex, a property consultancy firm in Gurgaon. However, on the plus side, rental returns are expansion balanced. Unless there is a supply surplus, it is typically possible to renew the lease every year. As a result, the arrival of your verifiable cost increases with time.


Potential costs

The proprietor must cover all repairs. If the house requires significant repairs, the cost can absorb a significant portion of the wage received that year. Every time a resident moves out, the house must be repainted.



If the house remains vacant for a few months after the previous occupant has moved out, your revenue is disrupted.


Difficult tenants may fail to pay their rent on time. If installments are consistently missed, the matter will escalate to a serious level. The inhabitant may also abuse the property by conducting business in a private unit or even using it for illegal purposes. The landowner must ensure that the occupant pays the general public’s support costs and service bills on time.



Identifying the Proper Occupant



Before approaching potential tenants, find out the current rental rate in the area to avoid quoting an out-of-date fee. You can charge a greater rent only if you have expanded the area of the loft or equipped the residence.



With the permission of the inhabitant welfare affiliation (RWA), post a flyer on the notice leading body of your lodging society. You could also recommend local agents. When looking for a place to live in a city, a lot of people approach them. Another option is to list your property on the internet.


Police confirmation

After you’ve found a consumer, you should conduct a police check. This has proven out to be a requirement. Get the confirmation frame from the police department’s website. Fill it out and drop it up at the neighborhood police station, along with the occupant’s personality evidence. The police will then direct a personal inquiry and provide approval in the same manner.


Lease assertion

This report, which is normally arranged by the land operator, must expressly specify a handful of things. It must identify the start and end dates of the rent, as well as the total time span. In the private sector, an 11-month lease is considered usual. The agreement should also state the rights and obligations of both the landlord and the tenant in the event that one of them wishes to terminate the lease before the conclusion of the 11-month period. The agreement should also include the date on which the lease will be paid. If the occupier is handing over post-dated checks, it should include the number of checks and the consequences if a check ricochets. The leasing agreement should also clearly state who is responsible for repairs. In most cases, basic repairs are handled by the occupant.


To enroll in the assertion: Obtain the rental agreement signed. The expense of the stamp obligation may be borne by the landowner or passed on to the occupant.

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